Our refund and returns policy are actually somewhat complicated.

Why? This is because data bundles are not actually returnable. Once sent to your number, it is impossible to get them back.


  • You supplied the correct number but while sending the data, the support staff made a mistake and sent to a wrong number. In this case, we will most likely send the data bundle to your phone number as soon as the error is noticed.
  • And some other situations

There are certain situations where you will NOT RECEIVE A REFUND:

  • You supplied the wrong phone number or made a mistake when filling out the phone number to receive data and data bundle has already been sent.
  • You reported that you didn’t receive your data but after speaking to the customer support of the network provider concerned, we find out that THEIR RECORDS state that you did receive your data.
  • And some other situations…


If you want to receive a refund after placing an order, you can request for one by sending a message in this format to the Support Whatsapp Account (08094254255) or email: support@amevng.com / amevng@gmail.com:

Order Number:
Time you Placed the Order:

Of course, there may be times when support will reach out to you personally when a problem has been noticed.

Once your ‘attempt to return data’ is accepted as valid, we will immediately work towards refunding you with data or with funds returned back to your Amevng Wallet (depending on your choice).


1. If my order cancellation gets validated, how and when will I get my refund?

Your refund will be credited to your Amevng wallet.

2. How do I withdraw money from my Amevng Wallet?

For now, we don’t offer this feature. Your wallet balance can only be used to buy data bundles. You can’t withdraw it except under very special circumstances.

Need help?

Contact us at support@amevng.com for questions related to refunds and returns.

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