Worried About Making Payments on Amevng?

If you are worried about paying for data online through our Amevng website because you’re afraid that your money or card details may be stolen, take a deep breath and listen well.

That won’t happen.

Here are three reasons why it won’t:

1. We are a Trustworthy and Registered Data Selling Business

Amevng.com is a website under Amevng Enterprise, a registered business in Nigeria. We deal in selling data bundles and converting airtime to cash. You can find our digital footprints everywhere: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Nairaland.

We definitely have no intention to steal anything from you. Rather we’re here to provide you with cheap mtn, glo, airtel and 9mobile data plans with which you can access the internet as much as you like.

2. We Process Our Card Payments via Paystack

We don’t process your payments ourselves. We use a popular and trustworthy payment processor called Paystack.

We won’t go into details about who and what they are because they’re pretty popular. Just google them or go to Paystack.com

All you need to know is that we don’t have access to any of your bank information. Paystack is our payment platform which processes your payment and serves as the middleman to receive money from you and send the money to us.

3. You can Fund your wallet with Bank Transfer or Airtime

Of course, there is one more payment option on Amevng that has nothing to do with Paystack. With this method, you can completely avoid paying any of Paystack’s payment processing fees. And you don’t have to worry because once you transfer money to the relevant bank accounts, you’ll get the money funded (However, this may take some time).

Why you May Want to Pay for Amevng Data Bundles via Bank Transfer

  • Funding Wallet with bank transfer attracts no charges (0 charges).
  • For products purchased with Wallet Funds, you don’t have to pay any charges.
  • For every product purchased with payment made via paystack, you will need to pay 1.5% of the price of the product.
  • For transactions above N2500, You will need to pay a fixed fee of N100 in addition to 1.5% of the price of the product.
  • For Wallet top-ups, the minimum amount you can fund to your wallet is N2500 and you will need to pay the fixed fee of N100 in addition to 1.5% of the total wallet top-up amount.


  • To avoid suffering losses because of the fixed fee of N100 for transactions above N2500, we advise Amevng customers to fund their wallets with larger sums of money.
  • All these payment charges are in accordance to the charges of Paystack which are explained on Paystack.com/pricing.
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