Glo Data Plan


At Amevng, we sell cheap Glo Data Plan that you can use to connect to the internet on any of your browsing devices. With our cheap Glo data bundles, you can also browse during the day and night unlike the Glo night plan. The Glo subscription we sell are valid for 30 days just like the regular Glo monthly data plan.



At Amevng, we sell amazingly cheap and affordable Glo Data Plan(s). Although in the first year of our conception we didn’t sell Glo data bundles because of the complications that needed to be understood, we’ve started providing one of the best Glo subscription services even as the small enterprise business that we are.

However, we don’t buy our Glo Data Plan in bulk neither do we sell Glo data bundle cheat or Glo unlimited data plan, we gift Glo subscription to our customers directly from Glo and make our profit through our Convert airtime to cash services. And you can be rest assured that our Glo data bundles definitely work on all devices and they are valid for a month as well.

Features (Why you should buy glo data plans from Amevng)

  • You don’t need any Glo yakata code, Glo subscription code or Glo data code of any sort, just place your order and receive your Glo data subscription.
  • Our Glo subscription works during the day and night as long as you have subscription, unlike the Glo night plan.
  • Our Glo bundles is valid for 30 days.
  • We offer Glo data subscriptions at amazingly cheap prices.
  • Our Glo data bundles work on all devices: iPhone, iPad, laptop, android, java mobiles, etc and can be used to browse on any website, social media platform, and app.
  • Apart from our Glo subscription, we also sell subscription across all other networks such as Airtel data bundles, Mtn data sub, 9mobile SME data and 9mobile subscription.


Additional information

Glo Data Bundles

1GB, 2.5GB, 4.1GB, 5.8GB, 7.7GB, 10GB, 13.25GB, 18.25GB


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