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Amevng gifts out 9mobile MoreBlaze data bundles to our customers at a cheaper rate than they can be bought directly from Network Providers. Therefore, our 9mobile subscription is amazingly cheaper than what you’d get if you buy 9mobile data bundles directly from 9mobile, Nigeria.



Everyone who spends a lot of time online browsing can definitely agree that among the 4 major telecommunication networks in Nigeria, 9mobile data plan(s) have always been one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive.

Amevng is a solution provider. As such, apart from our 9mobile SME data plans, we also gift 9mobile data plans directly to our customers from 9mobile. Therefore, our Etisalat subscription is amazingly cheaper than what you’d get if you buy your 9mobile data bundle directly from 9mobile, Nigeria. This is all due to our Convert airtime to cash services and nothing else.

And just like all the other data bundles we sell at Amevng, these 9mobile data plans can be used on any devices and on any website or social media platform that you want to connect to through the internet.

Features (Why you should buy 9mobile data plan from Amevng)

  • The data plans work on android phones, iPhones, laptops, modems, MiFis, wifi, and any other device that can access the internet.
  • 9mobile monthly data plan: Our data plans are valid for 30 days.
  • Amevng 9mobile data bundle is much cheaper than what you’ll get if you buy directly from 9mobile.
  • You don’t need any Etisalat subscription code or 9mobile subscription code when your order your 9mobile data bundle.
  • You can check your 9mobile data plan balance by dialing *228#
  • Apart from 9mobile SME data plans, we also sell subscription across all other networks such as Airtel data bundles, Glo data sub and Mtn subscription.
  • These 9mobile data subscriptions are 9mobile  data bundles directly gifted to your 9mobile number from 9mobile, Nigeria.

Amevng 9mobile data plans from 9mobile Nigeria

Additional information

9mobile Data Bundles

500MB, 1.5GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4.5GB, 11GB, 15GB, 40GB, 75GB


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  • How do I pay for my data plans?

    Just register and pick a product you want to purchase. You will be paying via paystack or you can fund your amevng wallet.
    However, if you haven’t paid for Reseller membership, you won’t be able to purchase the reseller products which have lower prices.

  • How long does the data last?

    Our data plans are all valid for 30 days. However, your usage determines when your data will be exhausted and how long it will last.

  • Can my data bundle be rolled-over or topped-up?

    Yes, all except 9mobile SME data plan. If you purchase a new data bundle before the expiry of the current bundle, all your previous data will be rolled over for Glo, Mtn, Airtel and 9mobile Data Plans (gifted).

  • Will this data plan work with my device?

    All our data plans work on internet-enabled devices.

  • Why should I trust Amevng?

    Amevng is brought to you by Amevng Enterprise, a fully functional company, registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with BN 2928725. We love serving our customers and have been doing so for over 3 years. We will continue to provide high quality service for a long time to come.

  • How do I make complaints?

    You can directly send us a whatsapp message by clicking this link: https://wa.me/2348094254255?text=From%20amevng.com%2C%20I%20want%20to%20make%20a%20complaint%20or%20request%3A. We also have a facebook page: fb.me/amevng, instagram handle: @amevng and twitter handle: @amevng.  These social media accounts make it easier for you to find us online and make any complaints you want to make publicly. These social media accounts have also been put in place to give you security.

  • How to renew 9mobile data plan

    To renew your 9mobile SME data plan or the gifted 9mobile data plans, you will have to make another purchase here at the Amevng store.

  • How to check 9mobile data plan balance

    For regular 9mobile data plan gifted to your 9mobile number, you can check your 9mobile data plan balance by dialing *228#.

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