Do you need cheap and affordable data plans? No other data business can provide you with reliable and cheap data plans like Amevng.

Whether you want to buy little data bundles, large data bundles, or resell data bundles from Amevng, we have different plans to cater to your needs.

We understand how expensive things have become in Nigeria now and we are working hard to reduce your cost of living in the best way that we can: by reducing the cost of data.

To cope with the high cost of living in Nigeria and the inflation which is causing the Nigerian Naira to quickly lose its value, we also advise our clients to start reselling data. In this day and age where people cannot do without internet data subscriptions, you can now start making profit by selling Amevng cheap data bundles.

Learn More About Our Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, and Mtn Data Plans Today!

Amevng provides some of the cheapest data plan prices for the major networks in Nigeria. Our data bundles are characterized by speed, versatility, enhanced security, data deals, and loyalty rewards. So next time you need to renew your internet data bundle plans, think of Amevng Data Service!

Here are some reasons why you should buy internet data subscriptions from Amevng:

We have the Cheapest Data Bundles and Plans

We offer our clients the cheapest data rates that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet. Rather than buying at exorbitant prices, why not buy it at the cheapest rate from Amevng? That N20 or N50 may not feel like much now but it adds up.

Legitimate Data Bundle Plans

Avoid data scammers or data bundle retailers that sell data cheats, those cheats may not be a good idea for your phone number and it can be used to access your bank account details. At Amevng, we won’t ask you to dial any codes. All you have to do is make payment and supply your correct phone number and we’ll send your data plans directly to your number from the network provider of your choice.

We don’t look for ways to cheat anyone: you or the network providers. The reason why our data bundles are so cheap is that we convert airtime to cash at a cheap rate and use the airtime bought during those transactions to sell data to you.

Versatile Data Bundles

There are no restrictions. You can use our mtn, airtel, glo, and 9mobile data plans on any of your devices: Android phones, smartphones, iPhones, tablets, laptops, modems, Mi-Fi, Wi-Fi, etc.

Valid for 30 Days

All our glo, airtel, mtn, and 9mobile data plans are valid for 30 days except for our 1GB Glo Data Plan which is valid for 14 days. So you can enjoy using our data bundles for a month and you don’t have to worry so much about your data expiring because buying another data bundle before your old data expires automatically rolls over your former data bundles.

Secure Payment Transactions

We don’t process your payments. We have a reliable middleman: Paystack. If you’ve ever paid your school fees online, you would probably know about Remita. Paystack is our payment gateway that is quite similar to Remita.

If you don’t want to make payment with your ATM card via Paystack, you can make payment via bank transfer.

Find out more about our payment options here.

Find out how to pay for your internet data bundles via Bank Transfer

Offline Data Purchases (We’re still working on this)

We know that you may not have data every time you want to buy data bundles and to remedy this, we have put in place a system that allows you to send a text message and get your data bundles in less than ten minutes.


Buy Our Cheap Data Plans

Do you have any questions? Check our Frequently Answered Questions to see if your questions have been answered.


  • How do I pay for my data plans?

    Just register and pick a product you want to purchase. You will be paying via paystack or you can fund your amevng wallet.
    However, if you haven’t paid for Reseller membership, you won’t be able to purchase the reseller products which have lower prices.

  • How to buy mtn data bundles using airtime?

    For now, we’re not allowing this to apply to our online sales here on Amevng but we’re working on a plan for you. However, you can also convert your airtime to cash in your bank account and use it to buy data here at Amevng.

  • How long does the data last?

    Our data plans are all valid for 30 days. However, your usage determines when your data will be exhausted and how long it will last.

  • How to convert mtn data bundles to airtime?

    We don’t offer this kind of services here at the Amevng store.

  • How to activate mtn data plan?

    At Amevng, we don’t sell cheat mtn data plans, so once you get your mtn data plans you can start using them. You don’t need to follow any procedures to activate the data plan.

  • How to share mtn data plan / How to transfer mtn data bundles

    Sharing the sme mtn data plan with your friends and family is not really possible for now as a result of a restriction from Mtn.

  • Can my data bundle be rolled-over or topped-up?

    Yes, all except 9mobile SME data plan. If you purchase a new data bundle before the expiry of the current bundle, all your previous data will be rolled over for Glo, Mtn, Airtel and 9mobile Data Plans (gifted).

  • How to renew mtn data plan?

    If you still have some mtn data left when the mtn data validity period of 30 days is about to expire, you can renew your mtn data plan by buying another mtn data bundle on We have no auto-renewal offers so if you want to renew your mtn data, you will have to make another purchase. The Amevng wallet exists to allow you to easily make purchases for amevng data within the blink of an eye without having to withdraw from your account again.

  • How to check mtn data plan balance? / How to check mtn data bundles expiry date?

    You can check your mtn data plan balance by dialing *461*4#. You can also dial the same code to check your mtn data bundles expiry date.

  • What is the 9mobile SME data plan validity period?

    9mobile SME data plans are pretty much unlimited. Though we prefer to say that they are valid for 30 days. Why? This is because whenever we buy another bulk 9mobile sme data, there is an added 30 days validity to the previous balance of data in the sim.

    You don’t understand? In short words, 9mobile sme data validity period is UNLIMITED. As long as we keep buying new data in bulk, the validity period increases by 30 days.

    Therefore, if you check your 9mobile data validity period and your data seems to be valid for only 10 more days, don’t worry, before the end of those 10 days, the validity will increase by 30 days again.

  • Yours First FAQ Question

    Yours relevent questions answer.

  • Will this data plan work with my device?

    All our data plans work on internet-enabled devices.

  • Why should I trust Amevng?

    Amevng is brought to you by Amevng Enterprise, a fully functional company, registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with BN 2928725. We love serving our customers and have been doing so for over 3 years. We will continue to provide high quality service for a long time to come.

  • When does mtn data bundles expire? / how long are the mtn data bundles valid for?

    The Mtn SME data plans are valid for 30 days. As for how long they last, that depends entirely on your usage. Many people claim that sme data doesn’t last even though the whole data has been mismanaged by them using their data to watch videos on whatsapp statuses, youtube, tiktok, instagram, etc (which seriously depletes your data).

  • I bought 9mobile SME data but the data wasn't sent and my wallet was refunded, why?

    There are two reasons why your money was refunded:

    1, We weren’t able to send the 9mobile SME data because your 9mobile number is already on another data reseller’s subscriber’s list. Basically, what this means is that your number can’t receive data from us until you’re removed from the other subscribers’s list. To remove yourself from the list, you would need to dial *229*9# to get the subscriber’s number. Then call the individual and tell them to remove your number from their SME data subscriber’s list.

    2. If you couldn’t find any info after you dialed *229*9#, then your number is not eligible to enjoy 9mobile sme data. You can buy the 9mobile data plan that is usually gifted from 9mobile.

  • I have 9mobile SME data plan but I can't access the internet?

    If you’re experiencing this and you’re sure that it’s not as a result of network problems where you live, then send us a whatsapp message:

  • Why didn't I get notified when mtn data was sent to my number?

    Sometimes, because of network issues, you may not be notified when mtn data is sent to your mtn number from Amevng. You’re advised to dial *461*4# to check your balance in this instance before contacting us to make any complaints.

  • How do I make complaints?

    You can directly send us a whatsapp message by clicking this link: We also have a facebook page:, instagram handle: @amevng and twitter handle: @amevng.  These social media accounts make it easier for you to find us online and make any complaints you want to make publicly. These social media accounts have also been put in place to give you security.

  • How to cancel mtn data plan auto renewal / How to stop mtn data plan

    At Amevng, we sell mtn data plans without auto renewal. So you don’t have to worry that any money will be deducted from your account to auto-renew your mtn data plan. When you need a new data plan, you can come and place another order for one.

  • How to renew 9mobile data plan

    To renew your 9mobile SME data plan or the gifted 9mobile data plans, you will have to make another purchase here at the Amevng store.

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