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How to transfer airtime on Mtn Nigeria

Do you want to transfer mtn airtime to your father, mother, brother, sister, girlfriend/boyfriend or friend’s mtn number? Well, the best option for mtn credit transfer is the Mtn Share ‘N’ Sell method. This guide will be explaining how to transfer airtime on mtn using the mtn airtime transfer method called Share and Sell.

There are several reasons why you may need to make mtn airtime transfer:

  • To share airtime on mtn as a gift to your friends, family and loved ones.
  • When you want to convert airtime to cash with Amevng.
  • When you want to pay someone for their services with airtime.
  • When you want to buy mtn data with airtime from Amevng

Mtn Airtime Transfer rules

Regardless of the reason why you want to share airtime from mtn to mtn, here are some rules for Mtn ‘Share and Sell’ airtime transfers:

1. You can only transfer N50 to N5,000 mtn credit per transaction.

2. You are not allowed to transfer kobo values, only naira values. For example, if you have an airtime of 103.50 naira, you can’t transfer 100.50 naira, you can only send N100 mtn airtime to another mtn user.

3. Each mtn user is limited to mtn credit transfer of N10,000 every day. This means, you can’t transfer more than N10,000 mtn airtime per day.

4. If you’re a postpaid mtn user, you can only do mtn credit transfer if your account balance is in the positive. In other words, you can’t transfer airtime to anyone when you’re owing mtn any amount of money. E.g. You can’t transfer when your account balance is N-100 but you can transfer N100 if your account balance is N103.

5. Not all mtn users can do mtn credit transfer. Depending on your mtn tariff plan, you may or may not be able to use mtn Share and sell credit transfer service. Here are the mtn tariff plans that support mtn share and sell credit transfer:

  • Mtn Pulse tariff plan
  • Mtn mPulse tariff plan
  • Mtn XtraValue tariff plan
  • MTN XtraPro tariff plan
  • MTN XtraSpecial tariff plan
  • Mtn Biz Plus tariff plan

The mtn credit transfer PIN

To ensure that no one sends airtime from your mtn number to their mtn number when they have possession of your phone, Mtn has put in place the mtn credit transfer pin.

If you’re new to using mtn airtime transfer (Share and sell), the first thing you need to do is to change your mtn credit transfer pin from the default pin which is four zeros (0000). If you happen to be an old Mtn Share and Sell user and you’ve forgotten your Mtn credit transfer pin, you will need to call mtn customer care service (dial 180) to get your Share and Sell pin reset.

Changing the Mtn credit transfer pin:

With USSD code

You can change your Mtn Share and Sell pin by dialling *600*default Pin*New Pin*New Pin# on your phone. E.g. If 1234 is your new pin, you will dial: *600*0000*1234*1234#

With SMS

You can change your Mtn Share and Sell pin by sending an sms/text message: “Default_Pin New_Pin New_Pin” to 777. E.g. If 1111 is your new pin, you will send: 0000 1111 1111 to 777.

Changing mtn airtime transfer pin

You should receive a confirmation message.

Successfully changed mtn share and sell pin

If you receive a message saying that your old pin 0000 is wrong, it means you have changed your pin from the default one and you have to contact mtn customer support to change your pin.

Mtn share and sell pin could not be changed


How to transfer credit on Mtn by dialling Mtn airtime transfer code

You can share airtime from your mtn number to another mtn user by dialing *600*Recipient’s Number*Amount*Pin# and click send/ok. E.g.: If your pin is 2121, dial: *600*0803XXXXXXX*500*2121#

When the transfer has been completed, you will receive a message from 777 informing you of a successful transfer and the deduction of the airtime transfer transaction fee.

How to share airtime on mtn by sms

You can transfer airtime from mtn to mtn by sending an SMS: “Transfer Recipient’s_Number Amount PIN” to 777. E.g. Send: Transfer 0803XXXXXXX 500 2121 to 777.

How to transfer airtime on mtn by transfer sms

You will receive an sms asking you to confirm your mtn credit transfer by sending YES or to cancel the transfer by sending CANCEL within 15 minutes. Mtn will also send you the mtn airtime transfer transaction fee with the message as seen in the image below.

How to transfer airtime on mtn by sms confirmation message

You can send YES to 777 if you’re sure of your mtn credit transfer.

How to transfer airtime on mtn confirmed

Mtn Airtime/Credit Transfer notification for airtime recipients

If someone shares airtime on mtn to you, you should receive a notification from 777. The notification will look like the ones in these images.

5000 mtn credit transferred notification 1500 mtn credit transfer notification 2300 mtn credit transfer notification

Mtn ‘Share And Sell’ Transaction Fee

For all mtn credit transfer, you need to pay a transaction fee. This transaction fee depends on the value of your credit transfer, that is, how much mtn credit you’re transferring.

Below are the mtn transaction amounts and the equivalent mtn credit transfer fees.

  • NGN 1-100  = 3 Naira Transfer fee
  • NGN 101-500 = 5 Naira Transfer fee
  • NGN 501-1000 = 10 Naira trasnsfer fee
  • NGN 1001-5000 = 10 Naira transfer fee

In conclusion,

Now that you know how to share airtime on mtn, you can easily send mtn airtime to your loved ones, colleagues or as payment to complete business transactions. If you have any questions, you can ask them via the comment box. If you need to convert your excess airtime to cash, Amevng converts airtime to cash. You can find out more about it here.

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