Fund Wallet on Amevng

How to fund your wallet on Amevng

There are three methods you can use to fund your Amevng wallet, they include:

Funding your wallet via Paystack attracts payment charges such as 1% of the total amount of Wallet top-up and N100 fixed charges for payment above N2500 While the bank transfer/bank deposit method attracts no charges at all. And funding your wallet with airtime also attracts certain charges.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wallet Top-Up with Paystack and Bank Transfer/Deposit




As soon as payment is completed, your wallet is immediately funded and you’re ready for business.

You need to pay charges of 1% of the total amount of Wallet top-up and N100 fixed charges for payment above N2500.

Bank Transfer/ Deposit

You don’t have to pay any charges and your wallet is funded immediately.

Funding your wallet via bank transfer may not be as fast as funding via Paystack. Your wallet will not be funded until payment has been confirmed with an alert.

Option A: Funding your wallet with Paystack

STEP 1: Access your wallet. There are two to access your wallet.


Go to the “My Account” page.

Go to My Account to fund wallet

Click “My Wallet” on the left sidebar.

Go to My Wallet to fund wallet

And Click “Wallet topup”

Click TopUp Wallet to fund wallet



In the Top menu, you can just pick the option Fund Wallet with Paystack and you can fund your wallet immediately.

STEP 2: From this part, you can enter the amount you want to top-up and be directed to the checkout page to pay via Paystack.

STEP 3: Funding your wallet with paystack, you will have to pay 1% of the total amount of Wallet top-up and N100 fixed charges for payment above N2500. Then you can put in your card details and make payment.

STEP 4: When your wallet has been successfully funded, you can go to your Wallet to check your balance and start buying products with your wallet funds. [The route: My Account >> My Wallet]

Option B: Funding your wallet with bank deposit/Online bank transfer

You can deposit or transfer money into any of our bank accounts stated below. You can as well transfer via your bank’s USSD code service. However, we would advise you not to use ATM transfer or Merchant POS Transfer to make Payment. Why? Because the identification of who sent money via ATM or POS is really difficult (The alert statement doesn’t usually contain the name of the depositor).

Here are the bank accounts you can transfer to:


Account Number

Account Name



Ajiboye Moshope



Ajiboye Moshope

Here are the steps to funding your wallet with bank deposit/transfer:

STEP 1: While sending the money, you will need to add your username as the depositor’s name or in the remarks part of the bank deposit/transfer.

STEP 2: After payment, send: your username, amount paid, method of transfer, the bank you transferred to and the details of your payment via whatsapp to 08094254255 or sms to 08148130108.

E.g. This is the format you should use to send your text message.

For Bank Transfer with Bank App or USSD Service:

Please credit my Amevng wallet. [Your username] paid #2000 via Bank Transfer to your UBA with [your bank name] and [bank acccount name].

For Bank Deposit:

Please credit my Amevng wallet. [Your username] paid #2000 via Bank Deposit to your Gt bank  with [depositor’s name].

Option 3: Funding your wallet with airtime

You can fund your wallet by sending recharge card pin or airtime transfer to our numbers.

Rules for funding your wallet with airtime

  • We accept airtime from the four major networks in Nigeria (Mtn, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile) for funding your wallet.
  • Funding your wallet attracts certain charges depending on the network:

This is a breakdown of the charges for funding your wallet:

Mtn         = 20%
9mobile   = 25%
Airtel       = 40%
Glo          = 25%

If you’ve decided to fund your wallet with airtime, you can find the full instructions here: How to buy data plans with airtime on Amevng

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