How to check MTN data balance in Nigeria

MTN Data Balance Codes 2021: How to Check Your MTN Data Balance in Nigeria

If you are a new MTN user, there are probably a lot of things that you don’t know about how Mtn operates and how to use their services.  Whether you’re a new MTN user or an old user who has forgotten the method of checking your MTN balance, with this article, we will provide you with all the valid methods for checking your MTN data balance.

After reading this article, you will learn how to check your data balance on MTN via SMS, USSD code, Email, or Whatsapp Chat. You will also learn how to check the balance for your SME Data Plans and your Blackberry Data.

If you are having trouble with the other networks, you can read our articles about how to check your Glo data balance, how to check your 9mobile data balance, and how to check your data balance on Airtel.

How to Check MTN Nigeria Data Balance

  1. Check MTN data balance via SMS

By sending “2” to 131, you can check the size of your remaining MTN data via SMS.

After texting 2 to 131, you will get a text message containing information about your remaining data, data bonus, and the expiry date of your MTN data plans.

  1. Using USSD Codes to check your MTN subscription balance

There are two MTN data balance codes you can use to check your MTN data.

You can dial *559# or you can dial *131*4#. In response, you will either get a pop-up after the USSD code successfully loads or you’ll get a text message containing your data bundles balance.

Either way, this is one of the fastest methods of checking your data subscription balance in Nigeria.

  1. Check your MTN Data Bundle Balance via email

You should be able to check your MTN data subscription balance by sending a message via their MTN customer service email:

But this may take time to check and they may need evidence that you’re the owner of the MTN number because they expect you to use the simple code to check your balance.

  1. Check your Subscription Balance via Whatsapp

You can check your MTN by sending a message to the MTN Whatsapp Customer Support line: 09033000001. This number may change depending on when you read this article but you can always check for the updates of MTN Customer Support Numbers and Whatsapp numbers here.

  1. Check your Subscription Balance Using the Mobile App

You can check your MTN data balance using the MyMTN app.

It is very easy to use. All you have to do is visit Google Play Store, search for and download the MyMTN app. Then Launch the App after installation, add your MTN phone number, and put in the OTP code sent to your MTN number. Once you’ve successfully logged in with your MTN number, you will be able to see your airtime and data balance on the app’s home page.

Although these codes could work when you’re checking for data plans purchased directly from MTN using the USSD code: *131# or from the MyMTN app or for our MTN mega data plans here at Amevng, it doesn’t work for checking your data balance for other MTN data bundle types.

That’s why we have included the means of checking the balance for your MTN SME Data Plan and MTN blackberry data Plans in this article.

How to Check the Balance for your MTN SME Data

To check your MTN SME balance, you can simply dial *461*4#

In case you don’t know what the MTN SME Data is, here’s all you need to know…

The MTN SME Data Share service is a self-service solution that allows business owners to buy large data bundles and share the bundles with anyone they want. This is the monthly MTN data plan that we sell here at Amevng. We buy the data in large bundles of up to 150GB and then sell to you in smaller bundles of 1GB at 330 naira, 2GB at 660 naira, 3GB at 990 naira, 4GB at 1320 naira, 5GB at 1650 naira, and so on as can be seen in detail on our pricing page.

How to Check your MTN Blackberry Data Balance

You can check your blackberry data balance by sending STATUS to 21600.

In Conclusion,

To check your data balance, you would have to get data right? Well, if you’re looking for affordable data plans in Nigeria, you can check out our data bundles and their prices here.

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