Amevng.com is a website that offers you extremely affordable data plans across all networks in Nigeria. We offer every customer great rates for Mtn Data Plans, Glo Data Plans, Airtel Data Plans and 9mobile Data Plans.
If you’re someone who uses as much as 10-50GB+ data monthly to watch videos online, play games, watch movies, etc or someone who uses as little as 500mb-10GB+ monthly to keep in contact with your loved ones and surf the internet or social media platforms, we have pricing plans to meet your needs.
And you don’t have to worry about anything because our mtn data share is automated so once you’ve made payment the data will be sent to your chosen number immediately. And you don’t have to pay bank charges anymore because you will be buying directly from Amevng via Paystack.
We also promise that we’re not scammers, you can check out our social media accounts which have been put in place as a security measure for our customers to make whatever complaints they have online.
Twitter: @amevng
Facebook page: fb.me/amevng
Instagram page: @amevng
You can also be assured that we don’t sell cheat data plans. All our data plans are bought directly from network providers with discounted airtime bought via our other service: Convert airtime to cash.


Amevng, formerly called Ame Ventures, started out as an online data share business that catered to friends and family before we began to get cater to customers from all over Nigeria.

Here is an account of the Amevng Story from our CEO point of view:

I had always been interested in the internet and making money from it. So I started out my journey to making money online carrying out surveys, joining affiliate programs, working for bitcoin through bitcoin faucet sites and bitcoin game sites, etc and I needed data plans to carry out all these tasks.
I had to start searching for cheap data plan sellers here and there since the network I used – Etisalat now 9mobile was really expensive then. And then it hit me. In this new age where the internet was becoming everything, one product that people never had enough of is DATA SUBSCRIPTIONS. So I found people in the data share business, paid some money and learnt how to sell data bundles.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough capital to actually start buying from network providers and selling so I found a data reseller website just like Amevng and started reselling data. Later, I started dealing directly from network providers. And now, here we are with Amevng, a registered business in Nigeria for selling data plans and other businesses.
~Moshope Ajiboye
amevng handshake about us

Vision and mission

  • To provide cheap data bundles to the populace at the best of our ability.
  • To ensure that our customers are not scammed by those wolves on the internet pretending to sell cheap/cheat data plans.
  • To give other data share resellers the opportunity to sell from our site when they don’t have the money to start selling data directly from their website.

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